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  • flama

    FoodieFame trusts After for the brand building of Flama

    FoodieFame, a Spanish startup born with the aim of helping creators launch their own food brands, presents Flama, Smash Everybody, the smash burgers of rapper and freestyler Bnet. The company led by Jesús Muñoz has entrusted our agency to build its brand identity, for creative needs, and for

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  • 12/03/2024

    I caught you, influencer! (with a new law, finally)

    A new law has recognized the power of the most potent weapon of influencers: short videos and the rest of their audiovisual content. The legal text ensures that they have the same ability as major media outlets, and the same audience, to convey values, create identities, and even for higher

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  • Agnès Riba

    Agnès Riba, strategy director at After, says: ‘Without strategy, there is hardly anything in the long term’

    Agnès Riba wanted to be a computer scientist because, years ago, they said it was the profession of the future, but she soon discovered that the subject bored her, and ended up in the world of advertising because, in her words, it combines ‘the artistic with the business’. As the

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  • Sara Castrillo

    After promotes Sara Castrillo to Head of Art

    Although at After we always say that we go against definitions, if something defines us, it’s that we foster internal talent: we are a breeding ground. Recently, After’s management team has decided to promote Sara Castrillo to Head of Art. This professional joined the company in March

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  • 07/02/2024

    AfterLab, our new technological area

    In After, we have always defined ourselves as an independent creative agency that places strategy at the heart of business (and, by the way, we don’t like definitions). Without losing our focus on strategy, we are introducing AfterLab, our new digital department, aimed at accelerating

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  • la manotón

    MediaMarkt makes history: “La Manotón” achieves 2.5 million views

    Can you imagine getting a car just because of your nice hand? And having the opportunity to take all the technology you can for free? No, it’s not science fiction: they are activations by MediaMarkt, and the After team has had the luck to be involved in them and contribute

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