Aporta o aparta

Does it bring relevance, reputation, resonance? Does it bring utility? Does it bring a conversation or a fight? Does it bring a better planet? Does it bring a more efficient process? Does it bring savings? Does it bring a questioning of assumptions? Long term? Meaning? Impact? Does it bring a before and after?

This is how we approach every process at After. That’s why we find hard to define ourselves. We started out as an advertising agency but our clients have decided that we should be their strategic communication partner, helping them to think outside the box, and to execute like a real partner; “to tidy up and play the hooligan”, they said.

After 16 years, After has become one of the first independent creative agency in Spain, but also an adjective used by the one hundred people in the team and clients to describe a way of thinking and working. We say “this is After” or “it’s very After” and we understand each other.


Strategic brand partner

Support to Management / Steering Committee
Re-positioning of the brand
Definition of communication models
Product, service and channel innovation
Training and inspiration programmes

Integral communication partner

Creatives campaigns
Digital ecosystem management
Brand actions
Content creation and production
PR, communication and events
Media management


Marc Ros

If there’s one thing that characterizes Marc Ros, with a wide-ranging career in the world of communication and advertising, it’s his strategic and disruptive perspective in building and managing brands.

His carrer has been focused on agencies such as Lorente, Wieden Kennedy, Euro RSCG (Havas), taking on different roles in both the creative and management sides, including general creative direction and vice presidency of the Havas Group in Spain.

Marc was founder and mentor of the accelerator Conector (which has accelerated over 400 tech startups in 11 years), he was also part of the first jury of Branded Content category at the Cannes Festival (2012) and has been one of the main promoters of the Branded Content Marketing Association in Spain (BCMA), of which he was the first president. Furthermore, he has actively promoted Branducers, the most important Branded Content event in Spain, as well as numerous sectoral and social initiatives.

That sums up his professional life. But if we dive into Marc’s personal side, we’ll find a devoted Barcelona FC fan and a passionate sports enthusiast.

Risto Mejide

Risto Mejide, popular face in Spain as one of the top creatives, is naturally versatile. He works as a TV show man, writer, and speaker. Currently, he hosts the television shows “Todo es mentira,” “Got Talent,” and “Chester” at the Mediaset group.

Furthermore, he is also a driving force behind the Conector accelerator and the Branducers forum. In 2018, he was highlighted as one of the “most effective celebrities for a communication strategy.” He has received numerous accolades, including the XXXI Espasa Essay Prize for his book “Urbrands: Build Your Personal Brand Like Building a City,” the 2014 Elocuent Award for Best Media Professional, Best Communicator in 2014, and Best TVR Communicator in 2015.

As the author of 11 books, his latest published work in 2023 is the novel “Dieciséis notas” (Sixteen Notes). A passionate chess player and classical music enthusiast, he lives by the motto that “If nobody is bothered by what you say, then you haven’t said anything at all,” something that should be kept in mind by anyone working in the advertising industry.

  • Adriana Benito
    Communication and PR Supervisor
  • Agnès Riba
    Strategy Director
  • Aida Morilla
    Finalist art
  • Alberto Cano
    Accounts Manager
  • Aldo Falsone
    Creative Copywriter
  • Alexis Ferran
    Managing Director of Barcelona
  • Alicia Sánchez
    Creative Supervisor
  • Alonso Miranda
    Art Trainee
  • Ana Gimeno
    Account Manager
  • Ana Martínez
    Account Manager
  • Andrés Barba
    Art director
  • Anna Llopis
    Account Executive
  • Antoni Masip
    Operations and Financial Area
  • Carla Folgar
  • Carla Gómez
    Community Manager
  • Carlos Iranzo
    Creative Copywriter
  • Carmen Llamas
    Digital Project Manager
  • Charly Welsch
    Account Supervisor
  • Cristina Mestre
    Art Director
  • Cristina Tejado
    Finalist Art
  • Daniel Arjalaguer
    Account Manager
  • David Ares
    Art Director
  • David Gisbert
    Creative Copywriter
  • Diego Gómez
    Account Executive
  • Eduard Albert
    Account Supervisor
  • Elena Sánchez
    Art Director
  • Eli Masides
    Account Manager
  • Èlia de Lama
    Creative Copywritter
  • Ester Grau
    Creative Copywriter
  • Eva Sarasol
    Director of Customer Service
  • Gina Mateu
    Community Manager
  • Guillermo Fernández
    Art Director
  • Iker Múgica
    Executive Creative Director
  • Isabel Cristobal
    Content Producer/Editor
  • Isabela Arango
    Art Trainee
  • Javi García
    Creative Copywriter
  • Javier Reinosa
    Producer/Content Editor
  • Jennifer García
    Video edition
  • Jordi Durán
    Managing Director Valencia
  • José María Navas
    Creative Copywriter
  • Josefina Pisano
    Art Director
  • Juanjo Casañas
    Executive Creative Director
  • Julia Carrasco
    Media Planner
  • Kilian Sevilla
    Project Manager AfterLab
  • Laia Gener
    Financial Director
  • Laura Beltrán
    Creative Copywriter
  • Laura Medel
    Social Media Manager
  • Laura Pérez
    Executive Assistant
  • Luis Almerich
    Creative Copywriter
  • Manuel Barberá
    Media Director
  • Manuel Burbano
    Art Director Junior
  • Marc Ros
  • María Ponce
    Art Director
  • Marilú Aguilar
    Trainee Social Media
  • Marta Pérez
    General Directorate of Finance and Operations
  • Miguel Puime
    Creative Director
  • Montse Hidalgo
  • Nacho Rambla
    Content Production Director
  • Nando Silva
    Art Director
  • Nuria Giner
    Operations and Financial Area
  • Patricia Rozano
  • Paula Delgado
    Account Executive
  • Raquel Royo
    Social Media Manager
  • Risto Mejide
  • Rocío Tagle
    Office Manager
  • Rosario Ochoa
    Operations and Financial Area
  • Roser Vilagran
    Finalist Art
  • Samuel Box
    Content Creator
  • Sara Castrillo
    Art Director
  • Sara García
    Account Executive
  • Sara Pujadas
    Art Director
  • Sara Solbes
    Account Supervisor
  • Sergi Jofra
    Strategy trainee
  • Silvia Aubert
    Art Director
  • Thais Guedes
    Art Director
  • Toni Tugores
    General Creative Director
  • Verónica Nogales
    Digital Project Manager