In After, we have always defined ourselves as an independent creative agency that places strategy at the heart of business (and, by the way, we don’t like definitions). Without losing our focus on strategy, we are introducing AfterLab, our new digital department, aimed at accelerating creative strategies in the online environment and optimizing companies’ performance through technology. We have welcomed Kilian Sevilla as the coordinator, a professional with extensive experience in the digital field and entrepreneurship. Additionally, Raquel Royo, serving as the Social Media Manager, will co-lead the department.

Kilian Sevilla, with a strong expertise in new technologies, serves as an advisor to the Stanford incubator for AI and Blockchain projects. He has co-founded companies such as Adictik and RightHere, both with a marked technological and disruptive profile. “My joining After is a great challenge that I face with enthusiasm, learning, and contributing my knowledge and expertise with the goal of making After more digital,” he explains.

On the other hand, Raquel Royo will be the other profile reinforcing this department. A trained journalist with a master’s in Communication and Advertising Management, she joined the agency as a Social Media Manager six months ago and leads digital strategies for numerous After clients.

The birth of AfterLab represents a boost to bring together various digital areas of the company and offer a more comprehensive, 100% results-focused, and efficient turnkey product service. The development of custom applications, digital process automation, operational efficiency consulting, and lead generation and performance are some of the numerous solutions offered by the department.

“AfterLab emerges from the need to add intelligence (human and artificial) to processes to achieve better results, as demonstrated in the last semester of 2023 with our most significant clients,” states Marc Ros, founder and CEO of After.