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las canciones del verano

Who is behind the summer hits?

Every summer has its own story, a different story for each person. For some, summer smells like the sea, tastes like beers with friends sitting on the beach sand, and is synonymous with endless sunsets with the sky of Valdevaqueros filled with kites. For others, summer is about the mountains, […]

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los branded content más longevos en España

The longest-running branded content in Spain

We are the generation that commutes to work with our heads bowed down over our mobile phones. We barely allow ourselves a moment to think about nothing, and those who read a book on the train are almost an endangered species. We live in an overstimulated and overinformed state, making […]

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beef battle

Beef Battle: The Twitch program that will make you love beef

Fans del Vacuno, the largest community of beef lovers, has just launched Beef Battle, the program on Twitch that will make you love beef. Want more details? With the aim of engaging Generation Z and providing them with accurate information about beef, this platform has launched Beef Battle, a series […]

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