Can you imagine getting a car just because of your nice hand? And having the opportunity to take all the technology you can for free? No, it’s not science fiction: they are activations by MediaMarkt, and the After team has had the luck to be involved in them and contribute value so that this brand continues to grow and be a benchmark in the electronics sector.

“La Manotón”, an activation with over 2 million views and 200 registered participants

There are many ways to celebrate an anniversary, and MediaMarkt is one of those brands that likes to make them memorable. As 24 years don’t come every day, the omnichannel company in consumer electronics distribution and related services, under the campaign “Let’s Go Party,” launched a celebration where its customers, in addition to enjoying great offers, had the opportunity to win up to 80,000 euros in gift cards.

But the highlight was undoubtedly “The Handathon.” Bearing in mind the audience targeted by MediaMarkt and the type of product it offers, the After team came up with this action that can be defined as different, fun, and a bit cheeky, why not say it. If MediaMarkt is characterized by anything, it is by not being afraid to take risks, so their response was a resounding yes.

Thus, on July 27, in the TechVillage of Majadahonda, an unprecedented activation took place: “The Handathon: win a car with your beautiful hand.” The brand raffled nothing less than a Mercedes-Benz A-Class with one condition: to win it, you couldn’t remove your hand from the car, and the last person remaining would take it home.

It may sound relatively simple, but the feat becomes complicated when we consider that the 24 participants had to stay 12 consecutive hours with their hand glued to the car, while familiar faces like Ana Morgade, Susi Caramelo, Papi Gavi, and Pablo Chiapella played tricks on them and tempted them with tempting prizes to make the challenge even more interesting and raise their hand. Although the most tempting prize was the one Juan Castro won, who won the car after enduring more than 12 hours without separating his hand from it.

“With this action, we wanted to bet on MediaMarkt’s most daring and cheeky side and generate entertainment and content more focused on the language of social media. And this action is just the first of many,” said Toni Tugores, After’s creative director.

As explained by Marta Domínguez, Marketing Director of MediaMarkt Iberia: “Our anniversary is an important moment of the year, and we wanted to surprise our customers with this special action. We will continue working so that MediaMarkt offers unique experiences to our customers.”

The results of the action were more than positive: 200 people registered, and the activation obtained more than 2.5 million views across reels, TikTok, and YouTube.

“El Gran Sinpa”, broadcast live on TheGrefg’s Twitch channel

Another campaign we worked on in 2023 was “El Gran Sinpa,” one of the most well-known. At After, we encouraged them to bring back this action but with a refreshed format and communication strategy. We proposed two innovations: regarding the format, that there be two participants in the race instead of one, and concerning communication, that we involve two media personalities like TheGrefg and Grison to broadcast it live.

With this premise on the table, on October 25th, the consumer electronics distribution company conducted a raffle among all the people who visited the store located on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid. What was the prize? To leave you breathless: the two selected participants could grab, for 90 seconds, all the technological products they wanted and take them home at no cost.

To ensure a significant impact for the activation, YouTuber and streamer TheGrefg and comedian and beatboxer Grison conducted a live stream through TheGrefg’s Twitch channel, which attracted over 11.4K simultaneous viewers. Another change we introduced from After was proposing that TheGrefg and Grison also have their own race: everything they managed to get would be raffled off on social media!

Thanks to this initiative, the record for participation in a contest on MediaMarkt’s profile was broken, with over 94.5K comments and 25K new followers in 2 days. The total number of views on “El Gran Sinpa” content exceeds 600K visits.

“The success in building and positioning a brand lies in being able to engage in conversations and be close to consumers. That’s why, at MediaMarkt, we continue to invest in the development of actions that allow us to create close environments, and we always do it with a bold and lighthearted approach,” says Marta Vilalta, Brand Manager of MediaMarkt Iberia.

Overall, at After, we feel proud to be MediaMarkt’s creative agency because it challenges us not to take anything for granted and to surpass ourselves with each activation.