The Municipal Congress Palace of IFEMA hosted the 7th Business Event and Second Semiannual Check of the Mediterranean Corridor on November 16th, under the motto “We are playing for the future.” The gathering was a complete success, with 1,800 entrepreneurs and representatives of civil society coming together to denounce the more than 25 years of delays in the construction of the Mediterranean Corridor. From After, we couldn’t be prouder: we have been supporting the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs since the inception of the #QuieroCorredor initiative, and contributing value year after year to this major event drives us to continue creating proposals that stir things up and push us to improve every day.

As is the case every year, and now we add up to seven events, our agency has worked on the creative concept of the event and its visual identity, as well as the stage design and all the content for the meeting. The event was opened by Vicente Boluda, president of AVE, who emphasized that “behind the #QuieroCorredor Movement, there is a lot of action and hard work, and with the involvement of civil society, much progress is made.” Next, the first roundtable of the day took place, focusing on the connection with Europe and featuring the participation of José Blanco, CEO of Acento and former government spokesperson, Minister of Public Works, and Member of the European Parliament; and Pierre Giacometti, co-founder of No Com.

The second panel delved into the repercussions resulting from the delays in the completion of the Mediterranean Corridor works for the business world. Participants included Carlos Bertomeu, president of Iryo; Raül Blanco, president of RENFE; Javier Rivera, CFO of PowerCo Spain; and Hélène Valenzuela, general manager of Ouigo Spain.

Marian Rojas, psychiatrist and author of books such as “Find Your Vitamin Person” and “How to Make Good Things Happen to You,” concluded the event with a presentation focused on collective behavior and the challenges we currently face.

The Mediterranean Corridor Roulette and The Maze of Delays

As a preamble to this event, After conceived the spot for “The Mediterranean Corridor Roulette,” which aired on major television networks in the first half of November. In this whimsical game show, delays in construction cause all sorts of problems for the unlucky contestants, ranging from the bankruptcy of their businesses and increased pollution to missed opportunities for exporting and faster travel.

The #QuieroCorredor movement aimed to convey in this campaign that Spaniards feel at the mercy of luck when it comes to the construction of the Mediterranean Corridor. Despite changing governments, delays continue to accumulate, and the infrastructure remains unrealized.

Additionally, in 2023, our agency also worked on “The Maze of Delays,” an activation that involved setting up a life-sized maze on the streets to raise awareness among the public about the consequences of delays and the urgent need to complete the entire Mediterranean Corridor.

Although the maze was inaugurated in Cartagena, it traveled to the cities of Antequera, Barcelona, and Alicante. Entrepreneurs and representatives of society attended to support this initiative.