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You can call us After

AFTERSHARE changes to After. AFTERSHARE changes to After. AFTERSHARE changes to After.


After 14 years with a name that was born as the fusion of what lies beyond advertising and television audiences. We decided to make a change of cycle. To do so, we gave ourselves a brief: to create a new identity.


We decided to apply our own philosophy for the rebranding: “Bring in or turn away”. We turn away everything that did not contribute and left only what was essential.


AFTERSHARE.TV is now simply called After. A natural thing to do. Almost inevitable. As we already called ourselves. As you already called us. And .TV becomes .green. Because it commits us, obliges us, to be sustainable in all aspects and to remind us of it in everything we do.


To communicate the name change to our clients and friends, we sent 300 T-shirts with the new After logo. A month after the delivery, they only thank you for the detail, but none was aware of the name change. And this is, precisely, the unmistakable sign that After was the most natural change. The one that was due, since this is what all our clients and friends already called us.