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The problem with the Mediterranean Corridor was that it had to reach three essential audiences: business, the media and the public.

Because of this, we decided to create the first communication medium created solely and exclusively to report on the construction status of the Mediterranean Corridor and, above all, demand its completion once and for all.


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The Autonomous Communities through which the Mediterranean Corridor runs represents 54% of the population of Spain. A rail infrastructure is essential to connect them with each other and with Europe and so benefit the whole of the country.


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We set up the elcorredormediterraneo.com communication channel, and we did it with a documentary filmed entirely from a helicopter. A journey along the Mediterranean coastline from Algeciras to the French border that helped show the real state of the infrastructure. During the filming, a railway expert informed us of the situation of each section and the actions that needed to be taken to complete each one.

With all the information housed on elcorredormediterraneo.com about the status of the construction work, the benefits of the Mediterranean Corridor and much more content, we went into action: we enabled a petition on the channel to gather signatures calling on the government to complete the Mediterranean Corridor and shout out our slogan loud and clear: #IWantTheCorridor.


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