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Es pot FER

We encouraged all the sportspeople on the FER project to “conquer the earth to reach the sky”. We encouraged all the sportspeople on the FER project to “conquer the earth to reach the sky”. We encouraged all the sportspeople on the FER project to “conquer the earth to reach the sky”.


The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation asked us for a global concept for the 2019 communication strategy of the FER Project and the official presentation of their 126 sportspeople. A formulation that had to continue to construct the project’s motto: “Es pot FER” (You can do it).


We realized that everyone starts talking about the Olympics the same year as they’re on. However, no one looks at how tough the previous year is. It’s a decisive year to achieve classification and where any sportsperson’s sacrifice is invisible to the general public.

That’s why we decided that the concept had to be based on this observation of the pre-Olympics context and that could, at the same time, be connected to Tokyo.


We spoke to a number of sportspeople and they told us this about the pre-Olympics year: 

  • Everyone focuses on the Olympic year. But the previous one is tougher.
  • The year that really matters is the one no one sees.
  • A year in which you invest everything you are as a sportsperson.


We constructed a metaphor between the toughness of the pre-Olympic year and the hope of the Olympics. We called the first “earth” and the second “sky”.

That’s how “Conquer the earth to reach the sky” was born. A motivating concept that we launched at the official presentation of the FER 2019 Team at the Valencia Alqueria del Basket and on various digital platforms.

At the same event, we also presented the launch spot that told of the hardship of this road to Tokyo 2020. The video was filmed over a week at different exterior and interior places in Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante and Valencia. It features real sportspeople who were fighting for their Olympic dream including judoka Ana Pérez, gymnast with the national rhythmic gymnastics team Ana Gayán, boxer José Quiles, Lola Riera (bronze at the 2018 World Grass Hockey Championships in London) and Paralympic swimmer José Antonio Marí.


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The “Conquer the Earth to Reach the Sky” motto has struck a chord with sportspeople more than ever. It is the concept that has been shared the most by members of the FER Project in their RRSS publications.

Superdeporte, Marca, AS, ABC, Levante, À Punt, EFE and TVE echoed the launch of the ‘Conquer the Earth to Reach the Sky’ concept.