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Fórmula E

If our coaches don't stop, we neither. If our coaches don't stop, we neither. If our coaches don't stop, we neither.


The initiative of Enervit, Formula E was created in response and gratitude to the many sports coaches who, during the lockdown of COVID crisis had to stop working and seek a formula that respects social distancing: The use of your social networks.


The COVID crisis has hit many sectors. Gyms and sport centers have been closed during the lockdown. Many coaches lost their jobs by this time. The centers suffer severe restrictions, time limits and even some have not even been able to reopen after the de-escalation.

In this context, Enervit thought: “If the trainers who consume our products do not stop, neither do we.” And we created Formula E. An initiative whose objective is to support and reward all those trainers and coaches who, during the crisis and without asking for anything in return, trained their followers through videos, live broadcasts and tips, keeping them active and healthy even from home.


Supporting the sport, Enervit launched a call in its digital ecosystem, encouraging all coaches, now unemployed, to apply to its offer. Among all the profiles received, 11 entrants were selected who automatically became brand ambassadors.

Enervit rewards them with financial compensation, supplementation packs, sports equipment and the possibility of attending the brand’s events and, of course, giving them visibility through their RRSS. In return, the Formula E ambassadors star in training sessions on Enervit’s Instagram profile, give tips on sports nutrition and show how important it is to stay in shape.


The action is still in progress. At the moment there is no campaign end date.