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With this campaign we seek for notoriety. We wanted the way to promote Lanzarote as a tourist destination to be differential and even disruptive, managing to be at the top of the consumer’s mind in moments of more impulsive and less planned purchases.


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77.2% of Spaniards say that their destination preference to travel, when COVID is over, is to a national place.


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If there is something that characterizes Lanzarote, it is its volcanic landscape. An island with spectacular arid and reddish areas that have led it to be compared with the Moon or Mars. Even NASA has come to the island to study its soils and train engineers and astronauts.

That is why the objective of the campaign was to find crew members for our first space trip, giving away double flights to visit a place with landscapes from another planet: Lanzarote.


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And results in the first 12 days of campaign are:


[stat label=”Promo web visits” data=”3.500″]

[stat label=”Participants” data=”2.191″]

[stat label=”Impressions” data=”61.008″]

[stat label=”Influencers in campaign” data=”4″]

Web: https://www.lanzaroteterritoriovueling.com/

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