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Legends of Catalonia

The first VR video game to promote a tourist destination. The first VR video game to promote a tourist destination. The first VR video game to promote a tourist destination.


Turisme de Catalunya wanted to create a campaign to attract more American tourists. Its aim was also to reach a younger target and position Catalonia as an innovative, on-trend destination.


Studies show that American tourists who come to Catalonia have a high purchasing power; but we also wanted to allow millennials to get to know Catalonia… So we decided to aim at a target that met both these characteristics: gamers. To connect with them and stand out in such a competitive market as the USA, we went for innovation, and that’s how the idea of creating a VR video game came about: Legends of Catalonia. 


In the United States, the VR industry will grow by 150% in the next 2 years. In addition, the video game industry today generates more profits than film and literature combined.


Legends of Catalonia show the history, the culture and the best landscapes of Catalonia through a VR game for Play Station and Steam.

Players have to pass 6 levels. 5 famous people from Catalonia will help them to unlock the legendary Sant Jordi book and discover all the secrets. At the end of the game, players discover that all the landscapes where they play are real in Catalonia.



Campaign impacts20.000.000

360º trailer views+200.000

And, more importantly, thanks to Legends, visits to the Turisme de Catalunya website have multiplied by 20. And 68% of this traffic comes from the United States.