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Journey to Metal Land

We created the first training guidance talk in Gameplay format. We created the first training guidance talk in Gameplay format. We created the first training guidance talk in Gameplay format.


Femeval, the Valencian Metallurgical Business Federation, asked us for a campaign so that young people who wanted to study vocational training considered studying the metal industry among their options. This way, the industry, which has a higher supply of jobs than demand for them, could find new talent.


Use a medium and a format much more in line with young people so that they consider metal industry vocational training over other training options.

We weren’t going to run a campaign without making the most of that moment when we could reach the target audience more directly. What would a student who’s seen several guidance talks in a row pay more attention to? Another 50-slide presentation or a video game match?


In 2017, the number of online spectators on Twitch, a video game match streaming platform, exceeded platforms like Netflix and HBO.

Minecraft, the game chosen for the action, is the highest-selling game in history, beating Tetris.


We create Journey to Metal Land, a training talk in Gameplay form.

But first, we had to create a playable map in Minecraft that would meet the needs of the story we wanted to tell: that of a young person who wants to reach Metal Land, the promised land of quality training and full employment.

When we’d created the map, we needed a gamer to play it and comment on it to the students, so we called up Perxitaa, an internationally successful Valencian YouTuber.

When the gameplay was a reality and the students could watch it, they were also able to play on the map from home and experience the adventure for themselves.