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Walk Amongst Giants

The 7.5 million euro game. The 7.5 million euro game. The 7.5 million euro game.


Euroleague Basketball needed to increase its sponsorship revenue by 50% by attracting the leading companies in the world.


The CEOs of these companies are fairly inaccessible people. That’s why it was essential to arouse their curiosity with a novel format and a relevant and ambitious promise: the possibility of impacting on an entire continent.


Euroleague Basketball had more than 89 million followers throughout Europe.

*Source: Euroleague Basketball


We surprised the CEOs by sending them a completely personalised board game. Through questions and answers, we conveyed to them in a fun way the data that show Euroleague’s repercussion and visibility.


Meetings with potential sponsors20

New sponsors3

Total revenue7.500.000€