Every summer has its own story, a different story for each person. For some, summer smells like the sea, tastes like beers with friends sitting on the beach sand, and is synonymous with endless sunsets with the sky of Valdevaqueros filled with kites. For others, summer is about the mountains, a rural house, or a trip to a distant country. There are many types of summers, but they all have their song. Have you ever wondered who is behind the summer songs? Let us tell you.

Estrella Damm and the unforgettable “Summercat”

If there is a brand that is behind the summer songs, it is undoubtedly Estrella Damm. Just like the Christmas Lottery advertisement is the most anticipated when December begins, the anticipation for summer comes from Estrella Damm since they launched Formentera, the first spot of the Mediterráneamente saga, in 2009. In this campaign, they associated their beer with the Mediterranean through a storytelling that had all the ingredients to succeed: summer, friends, beer, Formentera, and, of course, a love story. This was the summer of the song “Summercat” by Billie The Vision & The Dancers (now is the time when you should hum Tonight, tonight…).

After Formentera, many more installments of Mediterráneamente followed. Okay, the short film directed by Alejandro Amenábar and Oriol Villar in 2015, starring Dakota Johnson, Quim Gutiérrez, and Natalia Tena, made our summer sound to the rhythm of “Our place” by Maïa Vidal.

We also don’t want to forget Love at first sight, which premiered in 2021 with Mario Casas, Mireia Oriol, and Joan Amargós as protagonists of a story set in Menorca, with the song “A ver qué pasa” by Rigoberta Bandini as the soundtrack of the spot. This year, singer Bad Gyal is the one who will make us dance with El sol me da (and behind it, of course, is Estrella Damm).

ONCE and its summer songs

Who doesn’t sing along when they hear “I have prawns, I have small fried squids, I have croquettes, I have ham”? The ONCE, in a completely different key than Estrella Damm, brings us a summer song every year to promote the Summer Extra. We have to go back to 2003 to talk about this spot, Las Tapitas, whose slogan was “If you have the illusion of becoming a millionaire, either buy the ONCE coupon or make the summer song.” Juan Sánchez, the creative director who led the campaign, explained that they wanted “Tapitas” to sound like a pasodoble. Because let’s not deny it: Spain is the land of bars in summer.

That same year, we also sang “Cremita”with the ONCE. Another style, another tone, but who doesn’t smile when they hear it?

La Casera and the Carmona family

Who doesn’t feel like having a tinto de verano (red wine with soda) in the heat? La Casera, a brand belonging to the Schweppes Suntory portfolio, knows it, and in 2022 they presented their spot We Know What We Want, which includes a new version of the classic song “No estamos lokos” by the group Ketama, performed by the Carmona family and produced by Víctor Martínez, producer of C. Tangana. Antonio Carmona himself voiced the commercial, and the rest of the Spanish people couldn’t get the song out of their heads all summer.

Coca-Cola and its Bollywood vibes

Refreshing and bubbly like no other drink, Coca-Cola also proposed the summer song in 2004. In a time marked by the rise of Bollywood, the brand released a commercial in which an Indian waiter burst into singing the catchy “Del pita, pita del”, a song that we all know by heart, and the rest of the characters joined in to dance an impressive choreography amidst vibrant flowers and dazzling costumes.

What if the song of this summer were silent?

This summer, Cala Pescador, the new white wine from Celler del Pescador, wants the beaches to be synonymous with relaxation and disconnection, so they have released a song that will be remembered forever. The reason? It’s a unique song because it has no sound. The brand, together with our agency, has just launched a campaign to raise awareness about noise pollution on Catalan beaches. To do this, Cala Pescador and singer and presenter Miki Núñez have created “La canción del verano,” a silent song designed not to disturb anyone when played.

Miki Núñez was in charge of kicking off the campaign by uploading the music video of “La canción del verano” on his social media, as if it were his new single. The reactions were immediate, and many of the singer’s fans demanded the sound of the song, thinking that it was an error when uploading the video, which garnered nearly 180,000 views on his profile within the first few hours. After a while, Miki explained that it was not an error but part of Cala Pescador’s new campaign to combat noise pollution on the Catalan coast.

las canciones del verano